1.  The sparrows are still picking at the pigeon carcass.  Thankfully there’s a minimal amount of alternate side of the street parking (courtesy of alleys), so the mash of feathers and I’m not sure what is still there.

2.  There is an alarming number of large bolts, nuts and other fastening hardware in really inconvenient places, like on metal grated bridges and around corners.

3.  Although a track bike was an excellent vehicle of choice in NYC, here it has proven far more aggressive than needed.  Stephen will be undergoing a little surgery later to reattach some brakes and regain some coasting ability.

And then I moved.

Really weird to have to learn how to ride around somewhere new.  New traffic patterns, new driving styles, new road surfaces; best of all, new road debris.

Last week, I saw some sparrows eating a dead pigeon. I saw a pigeon try to eat a skittle.  I guess it wasn’t a good week for pigeons.

I hadn’t been feeling well, and it turns out that I was diagnosed as broken.  Last week, the

7 days.  7 long days which my doctor said I could not exercise.

My commute is nothing if not exercise; not only as a very, but also a noun, as in an exercise in using my head.  I became unwound not diving headfirst into traffic every day.  There I am forced to leave everything behind for the moment I’m hurtling toward.  It’s very liberating.  But you already knew that.

So I really wish it would just get cold, and stay that way.

Today I am thankful for a lot: for carbon fiber, and for bicycles themselves, for drivers who keep me on my toes, and the metabolic pathways that supply me with energy. In short I am thankful for it all.

(Okay, I am not thankful for wandering pedestrians/tourists, but you get my drift…)

(it was 2 pm, I swear!)

Today I realised my bike is almost exactly 5 years old.

When almost hit by a Mercedes Benz insistent on pulling out into stopped traffic, my reaction today was to calmly tap on his hood – with my left hand – as I squeaked around him.   About 4 years ago an almost identical incident happened, except I chose to fly into a rage and dent his car with my foot.  How things change.


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